The cuisine of the Minangkabau people is commonly called Padang food (Masakan Padang). The term “Padang food” is often used to designate the whole culinary traditions of Minangkabau people. However, this term is seldom used in Minangkabau inland cities such as Bukittinggi, a culinary hotspot in West Sumatra, where they refer to it as Masakan Minang or Minangkabau food, since there are differences between Nasi Padang of Padang and Nasi kapau of Bukittinggi.

Padang restaurants are common throughout the country and are famous for its food with rich taste of succulent coconut milk and spicy chili. Among the cooking traditions in Indonesian cuisine, Minangkabau cuisine and most of Sumatran cuisine, demonstrate Indian and Middle Eastern influences, with dishes cooked in curry sauce with coconut milk and the heavy use of spices mixture.

Padang food is usually cooked once per day and all customers choose from those dishes, which are left out on display until no food is left. It is served in small portions of various dishes, but constituting, with rice, a complete meal. Customers take and pay for only what they want from this array of dishes. The best known Padang dish is rendang, a spicy meat stew. Soto Padang (crispy beef in spicy soup) is local residents’ breakfast favorite, meanwhile sate (beef satay in curry sauce served with ketupat) is a treat in the evening.

Suggested restaurants:

restoran-sari-rasoSARI RASO RESTAURANT
This restaurant is a quite big. Just sit down to your table and the restaurant staff will come quickly to you. Sari Raso is a typical Padang restaurant with a delicious and varied menu, the tasty food is one of the best in town.


apollo-seafood-padangAPOLLO SEAFOOD RESTAURANT
This place is probably one of the best restaurant in Padang, the food here is great. At Apollo, international food and sea food are recommended.