Transport between Mentawai areas

There’s a watertaxi service that can transfer a total of eight guests at a time. The travel between several areas in the Mentawai. This is ideal In case you would like to book a trip where you want to discover more than one area. Your resort will take you to most places for daily surfs, but they usually won’t go all the way across to a different area.

Here’s an overview of transfer costs between the different areas:
Tua Pejat area-Playground area
Playground area-Tua Pejat area: 400 USD

Tua Pejat area-Siberut Island
Siberut Island-Tua Pejat area: 600 USD

Tua Pejat area-Lances area
Lances area-Tua Pejat area: 800 USD

Rates are for one way trip with a traditional wooden boat with 2 engines 40 HP each, max capacity 8 persons with surfboards and luggage.