Mentawai Villas

Mentawai Accommodation is the first and only group specialized in Mentawai villas rentals, sales and management.

This exciting new industry is booming in Bali and will move quickly throughout the more beautiful areas of Indonesia that offer pristine beaches, world class waves, great fishing and diving.

Thru a decade of experience building, running and maintaining a resort, we have learned much. What materials to use, where the worst weather comes from, how much water to store and how, the importance of using solar power and a good eco sewerage system, the benefit of planting fruit and vegetables, the tidal extremes and the need to be aware of plate movements and safe evacuation options, plus the hundreds of other points you may not consider until you have spent years out in the Mentawais. The climate and weather is quite different to Bali and especially different to eastern Indonesia.

Simakakang island villa

Our initial Villa, had much interest from the very start and was quickly leased for 10 years. The feedback on this Villa has been amazing and we now have a great team of tradesman and good suppliers to offer the opportunity to build more.

Part of our team has an architecture background and we can work with you from the ground up to build your dream place. Having great relations with the local Mentawain`s we have been approached by many asking to help lease their land and develop it.

So, we can help you with the lease of land outright, or you can go through our company and re-lease land we have secured for the initial 25 year period off the local families that own it.

Our first Villa has been leased by a Surfer who will be offering accommodation, plus spending time there himself, bringing friends, and also re-leasing the villa out to yoga instructors and other groups to use.

We will be assisting him in all aspects, from finding local employees, speedboats and produce, to organizing all his ground handling, banking and insurance.

We can handle all of the often difficult tasks of running a business in Indonesia, so you can concentrate on living the dream in the islands in your own hardwood Villa.

As agents we can offer you help in re-leasing on your property, renting, or management.

Ownership of land is only available to Indonesian citizens, we act as agents for the locals interested in selling their land to a fellow Indonesian and are here to help where possible there.

Check our current available villa Simakakang.