Surfing Tax Mentawai

As you may or may not have heard. There will be a tax implemented in 2016 when surfing the Mentawai islands. With this so called surftax the government wants the local community to benefit from the growing number of surfing tourists in the Mentawai.


How much is the surfing tax?

The amounts are currently set at:

  • Surfers will pay a US$76 fee for a 15-day stay in the Mentawai.
  • Each boat touring the island chain will pay US$380 for a 15-day stay
  • When shooting a documentary film (that means surf videos) it’ll cost you US$1520

At this time there’s no regulation to enforce this imposed tax. Therefor there’s no definite date set for generating this tax income.

The way this could be controlled and regulated is still unknown as well. There’s rumour surfers will be wearing wristbands. An all inclusive feel, just way better since you’ll be surfing the best waves in the world.

Less surfers because of surfing tax?

A logical question is, will this potentially decrease the amount of people surfing the Mentawai? Guesses are, probably not. An average trip to the Mentawai will cost between 2,000 and 5,000 Euro’s, so this tax is not that bad.
Let’s hope it will really benefit the community, we’re sure everyone will be glad to pay to help out the awesome and welcoming locals!

Updates on this development will be posted here..