The Mentawai surf

The Mentawai surf is hands down the best in the world. Here’s an overview of the best Mentawai waves.

The exceptionally good surf has always been the main attraction in the Mentawai. There is no other place on the planet with such a diverse array of high quality surf in such a small area. There are at least 50 superb waves strewn throughout the islands, and there are several more still being discovered every year.

Here’s some of the best waves in the Mentawai, that are well named. But there’s many hidden beauties awaiting! See the list of all the better know waves in the Mentawais, right here.

Best waves in the Mentawais



Great to epic lefthander. When it’s on it’s one of the best waves in the world. Needs the right direction and when it’s 4-6 foot, there will be some boats around. Even the surfers waiting further down the line, will have a good time!






Lance’s Right (AKA Hollow Trees – HT’s)


One of the main attractions in the Mentawais. A hollow wave, that can be fun to really heavy. A dreamy wave when on. It’s also quite consistent, so everyone gets pleased.






Macaroni’s (AKA Macca’s)

Joan Duru - MacaronisMacaroni’s is a wave that everyone will like. Playfull walls and great barrel sections and pretty consistent. Many pro’s frequently visit the place, to get some of the most epic footage.






Nokanduis or Kandui left

Nokanduis - No kandui leftA crazy fast and always barreling left, right in the playgrounds area. A waverich area that is also known as the surfers Disneyland. Nokanduis isn’t for the faint hearted. Pull in and get some of the longest barrels in your life, but expect the barrel to catch up on you somewhere.






Rifles - Kandui right

On the opposite side of the island, where you find Nokanduis, there’s a right. Rifles is a really long wave, with different barrel sections. The crowd usually spreads out and it can hold quite a few people. Pretty shallow at some sections, but the rewards can be great.






HideawaysWith a vicious reef underneath, that rivals some of the craziest in the world, Hideaways can be fun in small sizes and be really challenging at bigger size. A really hollow left barrel at medium and bigger swells. Not as consistent as most waves in the region, but definitely a wave you want to score.





E-bay-sebasNeeds easterly winds and medium to big swells from S- SW to start pumping. Surfable from shoulder/headhigh and fun up to 4 foot. At double overhead plus and gets heavier and hollower. It can barrel all the way down the line with fast speed.