Mentawai Resorts

The most comprehensive listing of Mentawai resorts.

Mentawai Accommodation is the first and only group based in the Mentawai Islands.

We have offices in Padang and Mentawais and through our experience and contacts we offer you the most hands on approach for you Mentawai holiday.

From the moment you arrive into Padang we will be there to meet you and guide you through your Padang transit, to make sure your travels are smooth and stress free. 

Resorts in the Mentawai

Having run our own resort and villa in the Mentawais, we have traveled on each of the various ways to get out to the islands, and have a great relationship with each of those companies. We also offer you the opportunity to book into more than one resort during your holiday and will help with transfers between resorts.

Our prices are the same as the resort offers, you do not pay anything extra for booking with us, but youd do have the benefit of our knowledge, experience and Padang team, plus that of the resort you book.

Explore our Mentawai resort listings and discover the most beautiful resorts here in Mentawai. We also have a quick reference guide to compare resorts throughout the island chain.

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The Mentawai chain consists of four larger islands and approximately 65 smaller islands. The group of islands is considered the most consistent surf destination in the world, it is very rare to find the exposed waves are under head high, and being situated in the doldrum latitudes of 0-3 degrees south of the equator, the winds are light and variable. The occasions there are stronger winds the number of islands, depth of the Ocean and exposure to the huge fetch of Indian ocean swell means we can find you clean waves on any winds.

For an overview of all waves in the Mentawais islands take a look here.

Choosing a Resort for your holiday gives you added privacy, the chance for your own bungalow in many places, your own private beach and a better communication to the outside world than the Boats. We would highly recommend a resort to bring your partner, wife/husband or family, and most resorts will offer you the chance to dive, Sup, trek and visit local villages.

Many of our resorts offer Spa treatments and a mix of games, plus a restaurant bar to mix with other guests, often showing live sports and world news thru satellite TV.

Thru the decade plus of running our own resort, we have learned what you want on your holiday and have worked with other resorts to provide this.

We can customize your trip and help you pick up specialty products you may want in Padang, as well as offering your cultural West Sumatran tours, Golf, local island day trips and the best hotels on Sumatra if you choose to extend your holiday for a few days on this amazing island. We can also help you if you want to spend a week in Bali, or any of the many Indonesian islands and will get you discounts on In Indonesian airfare and hotels.

Unlike many agents based in Australia, USA, Brazil or countries outside of Indonesia, we are based in Indonesia, full time, and guarantee our word, our work does not finish once you have paid. We meet you in Padang and are here to assist in all aspects of your travels.

Let us look after you and give you the insider info you wont find with many agents.