Savali Hotel Padang

The name “SAVALI” comes from a Sanskrit / ancient Hindu word “Sivali”, means “endowed with royal revenue”. With the passion to serve our guests as royals, we treat each of our guests as our king.
Harboring in the business area and the lavish local culture of West Padang, Savali Hotel is in a strategic and prestigious location. Within walking distance, you can reach the wide spread Padang Beach which is part of the open Hindi Ocean, enjoying a distinctive culinary experience and exploring the grand “Gadang” traditional house in Adityawarman Museum.
The Batang Arau River estuary, “Malinkundang” folktale beach, the great Siti Nurbaya bridge, the Chinatown area which is rich with its traditions and variant shops, all is close to the Savali Hotel.

Prices through Mentawai Accommodation start around 70 USD and go up to around 90 USD, depending on room and period of stay. Please contact us for inquiry and help.