Southern Cross

The addition of Southern Cross to our fleet back in 2002 was a bit unexpected and unplanned. Scuzz’s initial feeling (Scuzz is the owner) at the time was that their two other vessels would be enough to meet consumer demand and allow for the ongoing exploration to the regions in Northern Sumatra. However, Om and his son Yandi, with the help of a few friends, had already begun construction on a new hull utilizing the knowledge they had gained from the previous boats and our many trips in the past. After seeing the hull was already built and the family was putting all their effort into it, Scuzz was inspired and decided to join in. From the hull, the Southern Cross was built from the ground up with the specs and style we wanted for surf travel. The designed has proved extremely effective, as Southern Cross has logged in more nautical miles than almost any boat in these islands over the past several years, particularly to Northern Sumatran, and has truly become an icon in these waters.

At 78 feet, Southern Cross is quite wide and roomy, which allows for lot of extra elbowroom when cruising about the decks, salon, sleeping quarters, and eating areas. At the lowest level of the boat, you’ll find the spacious sleeping area that houses eight comfortable bunks for guests. There are large individual storage areas next to each bunk, which are great for stowing your clothes, books, camera equipment and some of your more delicate items. Each bunk is curtained for privacy, with it’s own nightlight so you can keep reading even if everyone else is crashed out. In addition to the individual storage compartments, there are additional large storage units at both the front and rear of the sleeping quarters, which are good for stowing away larger and more durable items like your surf gear. The cabin also contains TV, VCR, and DVD. It’s a great place to crank up the air conditioning after a long day of surfing and pop on a video, or hook the camcorder up to the TV and watch the day’s footage. In addition to the eight bunks downstairs, there are two individual private cabins upstairs. One of these cabins belongs to Scuzz, and he recently knocked down one of the walls to make his room a special “deluxe cabin”. Both rooms are great for a little extra privacy, and Scuzz has been known to offer up his larger cabin as a love nest for special couples wanting to stay together.


Length (base of hull): 23m

Beam: 5.2 meters

Draft: 1.9 meters

Speed: 9-12 knots

Minimum group: 6

Max group: 9

AC: 2 units national, 1.5pk cabin

Safety: life jackets, flares, epirb, sat phone, TIKI boat standing by, fire extinguisher, first aid kit

Engine: Twin Mitsubishi 6D22 330HP

Engine genset: 2 * ps 100hp, ts 20pk

Generator: 2 * 30 kva 230v – 240v 50 hz ac

GPS: Furuno

Radio: Icom 710 ssb

Fuel capacity: 10000 lt

Water capacity: 6000 lt

Sounder: dual frequency

Toys: TV, DVD, VCR, CD player, iBook, stereo, Bose speakers, iPod

Construction: local hardwood

Crew: captain, mechanic, cook, 2 general crew mates, guide

Tender: aluminum 4m – 2.5m Yamaha 25hp

Snorkeling gear: basic/limited

Fishing gear: 2 rod reels, handlines, gaff, belt

Features: 2 large shaded outdoor areas, 2 hammocks, indoor fresh water, shower and bathroom Flag: Indonesian

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